Collectible Plates

Collectible plates have been a hobby for many collectors plate enthusiasts for years. Many would say that this hobby started in 1895 with the first collectible plate called “Behind The Frozen Window”. But plate art really dates back to as early as 600 A.D. when the Chinese first invented porcelain. Today’s hobby as we know it began with the plate mentioned above – when Bing(not the search engine) and Grondahl a Danish pottery company made the first souvenir Christmas plate.

It had been a very old custom for the Danish to bake holiday cookies to exchange on holidays with their friends and family. The idea that BingCollectible Plates and Grondahl had to put the cookies on a decorative plate was an instance pastime for Danes and it was not long after that collectible plates became a world wide hobby and many believe it reached its pinnacle in 1980′s.

But before you and I began collecting it was first a hobby for many of the wealthy European families during the eighteenth century. During this time Royal Copenhagen, Goebel, Spode, and Wedgwood began making not only decorative plate but also expensive decorative dishes, cups, teapots, and bowls to appeals to the wealthy Europeans. But as the hobby grew they started using clay based pottery so that everyone could enjoy this type of art work in their home.

Collectible plates then started to become hit world wide through international business and travel. It became a coming home custom for businessmen and soldiers to bring home souvenirs of where they had been and these collectors plates were perfect. Because many of them would showe something unique of the plate’s country of origin decorated on them.

Here I will be able to help you by giving you all the need to know information about finding and buying collectible plates. Here you will find information about plates from some of the most popular varieties and companies like – London Crown Pottery, Royal Copenhagen, Edna Hibel Studios, D’Arceau Limoges, Danbury Mint, Byliny Porcelain, Delphi, Bing and Grondahl, Franklin Porcelain, and Hummel.