Bradex Plates

If you are new to the hobby of collectible plates – then may be wondering what a bradex plates is and how do you get one. Well a bradex plate is not actually a name of a series of collectors plate but actually the name of what all plates that are sold on the secondary market.

The secondary market is the trading, purchasing and selling of plates recently sold on the primary market by TheBradex Plates Bradford Exchange. The secondary market cost are set by the seller or collectors themselves that are purchasing and selling the plates.

Many of these deals still take place with The Bradford Exchange and many other trades are done through newspaper ads or other onlineĀ  and local sources. Many times secondary market prices could be greater than the same plate of the primary market. But this is not the case for all plates some go down in value. Prices may change on a daily basis.

What Is The Bradex?

The Bradex lists many actively traded plates on the Trading Floor. With this list you willbe able to find out the issue prices of your plates and best estimated valueof the plate. All of these plates can be identified by a Bradex Number.

That being said if there is a special plate that you are looking for or if you are wondering about the value of a plate that is being sold by a local or online vendor the the bradex list at the Bradford Exchange is one of the best places for you to look.