Cat Plates

Collectible plates are known for celebrating and depicting all the things that we know and love. The first plates were known for celebrating Christmas the most important day of the year for many of us. As porcelain over the years has become more and more affordable and with different types of refinement allowing more evolved pictures it’s no wonder that cat plates have become one of the most popular collectorsCat Plates plates.

Here I hope to give you the info you need to help you with finding and buying cat plates. These items are great for gifts especially if you know a cat lover or someone who owes a cat.

Names Of Collectible Cat Plates Series

Knowing the names of collectible cat plates series before you go hunting will really help you go down the right paths to have the best collection around these are just to name a few for you to look for or to start collecting – if I tried to name them all here then it would be a hundred pages long.

  • A Purrfect Point Of View
  • Beautiful Cats
  • Cat Tales
  • Kitty Cats
  • Kuddly Kittens
  • Petals And Purrs
  • Purrfect Pairs
  • Uncle Ted’s Holiday Cats

Names Of Collectible Cat Plates Artists

Here are the names of collectible cat plates artists which will make it much easier to find the best cat plates. Many plate designs out there may have the same name. But you will not find any plates that have the same plate and artist name. So if you are trying to find a certain plate and are having difficulty -then searching for it by the artist’s name should make your hunt go a lot easier.

  • Thaddeus Krumeich (Uncle Tad’s Cat’s)
  • Jurgen Scholz (Seasons Of Purrfection)
  • Greg Giordano (Smitten Kitten)