Chokin Plates

Chokin plates are the most beautiful collectible plates I think I have ever seen. Chokin is a very ancient art of engraving copper and gilding it with precious 24-K Gold and Silver. This process originated in the twelfth century. The Japanese art of Chokin was first used to decorate theChokin Plates armament of Samurai and shrines. Today the Chokin art is used to decorate many household items like – vases and figurines.

If you have any room in your home or office that you wish to have a Japanese or Oriental theme to it or if you are serious about having a wide variety of collectors plates then a set of Japanese Chokin plates is a great idea for you.

Names Of Collectible Chokin Plates Series

Here I have searched high and low to bring you the best names of collectible Chokin Plates series I could find. If you are a true seeker of Chokin Art then you will definitely want to make sure you find the 12 piece Japanes Chokin Art Floral calendar plate collection and the Hamilton Collection Eternal Wishes Of Good Fortune.

  • Hamilton Collection Eternal Wishes Of Good Fortune
  • Japan Hummingbird Daffodils
  • Chokin Art Yoshinobu Hara

Names Of Collectible Chokin Plates Artists

Now when it comes to searching for names of collectible Chokin plates artists remember to also look for master Chokin artist and many of the plates were made with the help of master calligraphers. So searching for those three different types of artist may help you get that plate you were looking for.

  • Shuto
  • Senkin – Calligrapher
  • Yoshinobu Hara
  • Master Risho Arita