Disney Plates

With Disney being the most loved children network and from people all over the world it is no wonder that they have many collector plates out there to choose from. First off when it comes to collecting Disney plates you may want to find and purchase the Disneyana Price Guide. The guide will help you find out the current market value and price of plates and other Disney collectibles. In addition to getting the guide joining the Disney Memorabilia Site can help you connect with others that share you passion .

If you are new to collecting Disney memorabilia then you may be wondering why I keep using the term “Disneyana”. TheBeauty And The Beast term is for any books, toys, theme park souvenirs, animated celluloid’s, and collectible plates made by The Walt Disney Company. I only know of one Disneyana store and it is on Main St. in Disneyland. I bet you can find a lot of Disney plates there featuring many of the newer fairy tales characters that you wouldn’t necessarily be able to find elsewhere.

It is important that you know that Disneyana is divided into two groups. The first being called contemporary which is anything produced on or after 1968 and the second is Vintage Disneyana anything made between 1928 and 1967. For the most part all items produced during 1901 and 1966 during Walt Disney’s lifetime seem to be more valuable and desired.

Names of Disney Plates

When it comes to searching for the Names of Disney Plates it may seem easier than when looking for normal collector’s plates because all you have to do is search by the characters name. But this really isn’t the case you might find that there can be several types of plates made for the character you are looking for. Here is a list of names for series of Disney plates that will be excellent additions to you collection.

  • Disney’s Leading Ladies Plate Collection
  • Walt Disney’s 100 Year Anniversary (1901 – 2001) Plate Collection
  • One Hundred Acre Days Plate Collection
  • Disney Villains Plate Collection
  • Ever After Plate Collection