Gone With The Wind Plates

Gone With The Wind was written by Margaret Mitchell and is quite possible one of the most revered works of art ever when it comes to movies it’s no wonder that Gone With The Wind Plates are very popular among fans of the movie.

Gone With The Wind Plate Series

Here I have made a must have list for those of you that are trying to build a collection of Gone With TheGone With The Wind Plates Wind Plates Series. First you will see the series name followed by the issuer, who painted it, and when it was issued from. After that there is a list of names of the plates that are in that series.

Passion Of Scarlett O’Hara

Issued by W.S. George and painted by P. Jennis is limited edition issued from 1992-1993.

Fiery Embrace, Pride And Passion, Dreams of Ashley, As God As My Witness, The Waltz, The Fond Farewell, Brave Scarlett, Nightmare, Evening Prayers, Nap Time, Dangerous Attractions. The End OF An Era.

Knowles Collection

Issued by Edwin Knowles and painted by Raymond Kursar is limited edition issued from 1978-1985.

Scarlett, Ashley, Melanie, Rhett, Mammy Lacing Scarlett, Melanie Gives Birth, Scarlett’s Green Dress, Bonnie And Rhett, Scarlett and Rhett, The Finale.

Golden Anniversary

Issued by Edwin Knowles and painted by Howard Rogers limited edition issued from 1988-1990.

Scarlett And Her Suitors, The Burning Of Atlanta, Scarlett And Ashley After The War, The Proposal, Home To Tara, Strolling In Atlanta, A question Of Honor, Scarlett’s Resolve, Frankly My Dear, Melanie And Ashley, A Toast To Bonnie Blue, Scarlett And Rhett’s Honeymoon.

Critics Choice

Issued a limited edition issued from 1991-1993.

Marry Me, Scarlett, Waiting For Rhett, A Declaration Of Love, The Paris Hat, Scarlett Asks For A Favor, Scarlett Gets Her Way, The Smitten Suitor, Scarlett Shopping Spree, The Buggy Ride, Scarlett Gets Down To Business, Scarlett’s Heart Is With Tara, At Cross Purposes.

The Costuming of a Legend: Dressing Gone With the Wind

Issued by The Bradford Exchage and painted by Douglas Klauba is limited edition issued from 1993-1995. This series was made in honor of the costumes designed by Walter Plunkett.

The Red Dress, The Green Drapery Dress, The Green Sprigged Dress, Black And White Bengaline Dress, Widow’s Dress, The Country Walking Dress, Plaid Business Attire, Orchid Percale Dress, The Mourning Gown, Finale Outtake: The Green Muslin Dress. With The Wind was w