Norman Rockwell Plates

Norman Rockwell painting are some of the most revered works of art in American history and now also one of the most sought after collectible plates. With more than 400 hundred different Norman Rockwell Plates out there to add to your collection of his works and memorabilia.

If you have decided to build a collection of plates with produced by him then you may find you have to many options toNorman Rockwell Plates choose from if you just search by Norman Rockwell alone. Below I have configured a list to help you with finding all the different collectors plates just right for you.

Norman Rockwell Plates Series

There are more than over thirty Norman Rockwell Plate series out there many of the are produced by the Knowles/Rockwell Society, Gorham, Goebel, and The Danbury Mint. Norman Rockwell Plates are normally collected by these main series. Other than searching for the series listed below some enthusiasts search by some of the popular terms associated with his works like scouting, children, grandmas and grandpas, holidays and seasons, and moms and dads.

  • Heritage
  • Christmas
  • American Dream
  • American Family
  • Mother’s Day
  • Four Seasons