Royal Copenhagen Plates

Royal Copenhagen plates are the most renowned of all collectible plates. Royal Copenhagen was founded in 1775 as the result of a chemist named Frantz Muller. In the early days the name of the company was the Royal Danish Porcelain Manufactory.

Once Müller perfected has porcelain refining skills he was ready to find investors to buy share in the factory, there were few who wereRoyal Copenhagen Plates interested. In 1775 when the Queen and her son the heir presumptive to the throne decided to become partners things began to take a turn for the best. The company was ran by the royal family until 1868 almost a century until it was bought by a private company.

Some time after this a artist by the name of Arnold Krog was made manager. Krog is know for developing the technique for painting under the glaze this changed the way Blue Fluted (Royal Copenhagen’s first service) was done and for the better. This new underglaze technique allowed painters to portray landscapes and other naturalistic designs. It was The new underglaze decorated porcelain that made Royal Copenhagen famous world wide.

If you are already a collector of collectible plates then you may be familiar with Bing & Grondahl which is a very popular for it’s “Behind The Frozen Window” plate which is considered to be the very first collectible Christmas plate. What you may not know is that in 1987 the two companies merged and are now Royal Copenhagen.

Names Of Royal Copenhagen Plates

If you need help finding Royal Copenhagen Plates and are not sure which ones to look for then here are some of the names of their most historic and popular plates. The Carl Larsson Home, Children’s Christmas, Christmas In Denmark, Hans Christian Andersen, Historical Series, Mother’s Day, National Parks Of America, and Nature’s Children.